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The Subortus Project, American Manufacturing Communities Collaborate: The Subortus Project MFG Day: Tech, Policy, and Business in Manufacturing

Washington, DC
4:30am - 5:30am UTC-0500
Virtual Event
The Subortus Project's MFG Day is organized by high schoolers, for our peers. The word "manufacturing" may make you think of smokestacks and assembly lines. But in the past decade, it has modernized. A lot. The manufacturing sector is now at the forefront of America's technological innovation and economic growth. The manufacturing workforce behind this is expanding to include endless fields--sustainability, computer science, policy, and business management. There’s a fulfilling career in manufacturing for anyone with any interests. Join our MFG Day to interact with three professionals. They’re policymakers, engineers, and educators, and they are all pillars of American manufacturing. Hear about what drove these professionals to the manufacturing sector, from college degrees to a drive for innovation. The Subortus Project hosts MFG Day in partnership with the American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative, an EDA-funded manufacturing consortium.

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