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Johnson & Johnson (J&J): We Invite You to Celebrate MFG Day!

New Brunswick, NJ
10.05.23 - 10.31.23
Virtual Event
Learn how you can celebration #MFGDay23 with Johnson &Johnson!

How To Join This Event

MFG Day is here! This annual celebration, organized by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Manufacturing Institute, kicks off on October 6th and carries through the whole month with events that shine a light on the manufacturing world and manufacturing workers.

Johnson & Johnson is a proud sponsor of MFG Day and an eager participant. This special day and month gives our company the opportunity to honor exceptional manufacturing superheroes and inspire new generations of manufacturers by unveiling new career opportunities and advanced next-generation technologies.

Johnson & Johnson is marking MFG Day in a number of ways including a site visit for local NJ high school students, a virtual panel discussion, other resources and videos on the site. Check out the Johnson & Johnson virtual resources on the site and bring along your network of friends, family, neighborhood teachers, counselors and students so they can see the advancement of modern manufacturing.

We see MFG Day as an opportunity to open people's eyes to the many, and often unexpected, career opportunities in manufacturing, including automation experts, data scientists, engineers, logistics and transportation planners, software and robotics developers, and more.

The supply chain industry, which encompasses manufacturing, is evolving in exciting ways. Johnson & Johnson aims to show how innovation, digitization, sustainability and agility are shaping the dynamic manufacturing landscape and allowing us to personalize the products and services we deliver to customers. At Johnson & Johnson, we use data science, intelligent automation, robotics, drones, augmented reality, 3D printing and more, and with these and other technologies, we are able to reach our customers when, where and how they need it.

Our advanced technology efforts have been recognized by the World Economic Forum through its Global Lighthouse designations, which honor manufacturing sites that embody next-generation technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and achieve ambitious goals for sustainability. We have the most Lighthouse designations of any company.

Johnson & Johnson MFG Day virtual resources (2023):

  • Search for "Johnson & Johnson" on the page in the "Search Organization" bar to locate all MFG Day-related resources from Johnson & Johnson for interested students, teachers and parents. These include a pre-recorded panel discussion, information about our WiSTEM2D program and career opportunities for students, and several articles and videos that educate viewers about Johnson & Johnson.

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