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Full Circle at the American Precision Museum

Windsor, VT
11:00am - 5:00pm
Virtual Event
The American Precision Museum will highlight ingenuity in manufacturing in the past and in the present with “Full Circle,” in partnership with MasterCam. The kickoff event (to be held on Saturday October 3rd) will feature the unveiling of a new working model waterwheel display. Demonstrations of machines both old and new will happen throughout the day. Visitors can also learn about what careers in manufacturing are like today through displays featuring local employers and training centers (which will remain on view).

How To Join This Event

We'll be livestreaming the unveiling and installation of the WaterWheel exhibit on Facebook Live!

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196 Main St, PO Box 679, Windsor, VT 05089
Capturing the imaginations of young and old with the spirit of innovation, problem solving and design demonstrated through the dynamic story of the machines and people that form the foundation and future of the manufacturing industry in America.
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Alice Cable
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