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Bassett Furniture Industries - Explore Manufacturing and More!

Bassett, VA
3:00pm - 7:00pm
In-person Event
Join Bassett Furniture Industries as we show you the many career paths you can embark on with a manufacturing company. We will show you the customer order's journey, from Product Development, to the finished product that is shipped to your home. When you register for this event, you will receive a coupon to the new Railway Cafe, along with a chance to win one of our door prizes! One lucky winner will get a live-edge Bench*Made desk with an upholstered fit for any student!
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3525 Fairystone Park Highway, Bassett, VA 24055
Our rich heritage is a story that goes back to 1902, when furniture making was shifting from local cabinet makers to larger scale production to keep up with the growth of America. Today, Bassett remains committed to the early principles of the company.
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Hunter Jennings
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Job Fair, Manufacturing Expo, Other (specify in description)
3536 Fairystone Park Highway
Bassett, VA 24055