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Accede Mold & Tool: Interactive Tour

Rochester, NY
10.06.22 - 10.07.22
In-person Event
Imagine shopping and seeing a product you designed on the shelf or seeing a life-saving medical device you manufactured at your doctor's office. At Accede Mold & Tool, we have been serving numerous industries like these for over 40 years and making molds used to produce the products that you likely use and interact with every day!

We invite you to join us on MFG Day 2022 to "walk the process" from the design, build, inspection, and sampling of a plastic injection mold, guided by our experts in the industry. Our plastic injection molds produce parts for the medical & labware, consumer products & packaging, automotive, industrial, and aerospace sectors. Our molds are installed and running production parts at facilities around the globe!

A career in U.S. manufacturing can be both rewarding and fulfilling - both financially and personally! At Accede, we provide numerous opportunities for your ongoing growth and education. You'll experience a positive work environment fostered through first-rate machinery and continual investments in new technology and equipment.

Are you interested in learning about why mold-making matters? Visit us, Accede Mold & Tool, on MFG Day 2022 to learn more about how YOU can have a career that you can be excited about!
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1125 Lexington Avenue, Rochester, NY, USA
Quality and customer satisfaction have always been primary objectives of our highly skilled and knowledgeable team. Our Leadership's commitment to investing in training, modem equipment, and facilities updates have been the key to our growth. Accede is a privately held, family-owned company where traditional family values have shaped our company's...
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Danielle Fox
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Facility Tour, Manufacturing Expo
1125 Lexington Avenue
Rochester, NY 14606