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Creators Wanted Tour COVID-19 Protocols

General Planning Doctrine

The Creators Wanted Tour takes necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of all working staff, guests and partners. 

Our policies and procedures are based on CDC and other public health guidance, focused on maintaining the health and safety of those at each mobile experience tour stop. We will also follow any and all state, local and venue requirements that go above and beyond CDC guidance. 

All high-touch surfaces and devices will be disinfected after each interaction or use. Hand sanitizer and air filtration/surface cleaning systems will be placed strategically within the experience to ensure we are appropriately mitigating the highest risk of virus spread (hands and immediate air space). Masks will be available onsite as well. Additionally, we will provide access to local COVID-19 testing and CDC resources, should there be any need or request for such information during the experience.

All guests, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask at all times inside the Making the Future Experience.

All workers, volunteers and representatives of Creators Wanted must provide proof of vaccination (physical or digital copies) or have a medical (approved by a doctor) or religious exemption. 

Check-In Process

Each location will have a single entrance, and will require all participants and workers to undergo a health and temperature screening. The screening technology, Certify.Me Snap XT, will be used in combination with a personal screening performed by CW staff. This versatility allows us to pre-screen known guests and staff via a pre-event questionnaire, while still accommodating walkup guests. Upon entrance, we will confirm that participants are not symptomatic, have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the last ten days, have not had close contact with COVID-19-positive individuals, and sign a waiver. 

Once that process is complete, we will provide entry credentials, as well as detailing the rules and regulations which participants have agreed to follow while they are in our mobile experience footprint. Should any individual fail to pass the health screening, they will be denied entry to the mobile experience and will be given a copy of the CDC’s guidance for potentially symptomatic individuals, as well as information about local COVID-19 testing locations.

Anyone who fails the health and temperature screening, or key elements of the questionnaire, will not be allowed to enter the experience. 

Mobile Experience 

Participants interacting with the mobile experience will be escorted by a brand ambassador, who will be responsible for ensuring that all persons within the experience follow all of the health and safety policies and procedures. Inside the mobile experience, we are implementing a security camera system to monitor tour and sanitation practices, placing hand sanitizer strategically in high-touch spaces, and installing the Sphere Synexis, a microbial reduction system that uses Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP™) to continuously fight viruses, bacteria and mold in the air and on surfaces. DHP™ is a patented technology that improves air quality and reduces surface contaminants in indoor spaces where people congregate.

As the participants move from room to room, a brand ambassador will follow to ensure that all touched surfaces, buttons, keys, handles, etc. are disinfected. Once a room is reset and disinfected, the brand ambassador will send a confirmation to the onsite tour-lead. If that confirmation is not received, no participants will be allowed to enter until the space is confirmed to be disinfected. Each evening we will use an electrostatic handheld sprayer to completely disinfect the mobile experience.


The Creators Wanted team is working to identify venues in open air or outdoor environments. If that is not a feasible option, any indoor venue should have an air filtration system.

Each stop will feature signage and information on where to get vaccinations and testing. There could also be an opportunity to share information about the “This is Our Shot” initiative, as well highlighting local healthcare and vaccination efforts.

Cancellation Procedures 

Two weeks prior to the tour stop, we will evaluate the current situation in the community we are visiting. The NAM and MI team will make a decision to modify or cancel programming based on the communities ICU capacities, COVID-19 positivity rates and vaccination rates compared to federal benchmarks, and input from our local manufacturers and workforce partners.

Cancellation will occur if the community has an active stay-at-home order, or any other executive order, that would significantly prohibit participants from interacting with the experience as planned.

Updated: January 20, 2022