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When students, emerging workers and career mentors work their way through Creators Wanted immersive experience, they’ll see your company supporting them in the journey to make their future.

Become a leader of manufacturing’s largest workforce campaign:

  • By year-end 2022, more than 300,000 students and career mentors will be a part of the Creators Wanted online network.
  • 90% of students, emerging workers and career mentors who participate in the experience leave with an improved perception of modern manufacturing careers.
  • Min. 4,200 students anticipated to walk-through the experience in 2022.
  • As many as 50 students, emerging workers and career can tour the experience in 1-hour.

The Creators Wanted immersive experience is designed to create lasting memories to inspire students and emerging workers to become manufacturers and to shift the perceptions of career mentors about manufacturing careers.

Exclusive and limited opportunities for branding in the award-winning immersive experience:

Welcome to Creators Wanted – video intro

Every participant watches this tutorial on the experience to understand the challenge and how they make their future.

Appending a 15-second experience-integrated message from the sponsor: $250,000

Myth Busting Room

The NAM and The Manufacturing Institute’s research has shown that to persuade students, teachers and other career mentors about the value of manufacturing careers we have to overcome several top misperceptions, including: (1) manufacturing in America is in decline; (2) weak wages; and (3) automation is taking away the need for people. This opening challenge to the experience overcomes these misperceptions, showing that manufacturing in the United States is growing with many well-paying jobs to make products people love and need here in the United States.

Branding Only: $200,000

+ Integration on a fact box question (requires creative/physical changes to the space): $250,000

Keys to Success Room

Through a series of riddles, helping them to unlock keys to success, participants learn about important attributes of manufacturing careers shown to improve perceptions and reinforce that everyone has a place in manufacturing: teamwork, problem-solving, imagination and communication.

Branding Only: $200,000

Critical Code Room

Using the language of manufacturing, G-Code, visualized around the room and clues to finish the code, participants get hands-on with technology and see how technology is helping manufacturers solve problems quicker and faster and supporting progress.

Branding Only: $200,000

+ Integration into an answer clue: $250,000

Gateway to the Future

With lighting effects, building music and dramatic narration, along with images of modern manufacturing around them, participants get a sense of the excitement and promise for them in modern manufacturing.

Branding Only: $200,000

+ Integration into a fully revamped room experience (requires creative/fabrication): $325,000

All immersive experience sponsorships, include acknowledgment on; digital amplification of the sponsorship; opportunities to participate at tour stops; and a press release announcing the partnership.

For more information, email Creators Wanted Finance Director Barret Kedzior.