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Toyota Material Handling, Cummins, Lindal, Forvia: High School MFG Day 2022

Columbus, IN
9:00am - 2:00pm UTC-0500
In-person Event
Over the next decade, 4 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled in the US. We're joining the movement to fill the skills gap and inspire the future workforce by hosting a #MFGDay22 event! Join Cummins, Forvia, Toyota Material Handling, and Lindal for this interactive and hands on experience
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5559 Inwood Dr, Columbus, IN, USA
Toyota Material Handling, the industry leader in forklift sales, is composed of two main group companies: Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., Inc. and The Raymond Corporation. A trusted source of both quality and reliability, one in three forklifts sold in North America is either a Toyota or Raymond product. With more...
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6125 Inwood Drive
Columbus, IN 47201
500 Jackson St, Columbus, IN, USA
No one has more experience converting energy into power, shaping big ideas into real solutions or transforming your ambitions into triumphs. Every day, you can rely on Cummins to keep your world Always On
Juan Ardila
950 West 450 South, Columbus, IN 47201, USA
FORVIA provides solutions for a safe, sustainable, advanced and customized mobility. Composed of 6 business groups with 24 product lines, FORVIA comprises the complementary technology and industrial strengths of Faurecia and HELLA. FORVIA is focused on becoming the preferred innovation and integration partner for OEMs worldwide.
6010 S International Dr, Columbus, IN 47201, USA
LINDAL Group provides the technique inside and the design "on top" of over 2 billion aerosols per year. Established in 1959 and never ceasing to innovate, LINDAL has become one of the global market leaders in aerosol technology. Our products range from clean-room produced asthma inhalers to silicone dispensing systems...