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Palo Alto College, Advanced Manufacturing AMT: National Advanced Manufacturers Week PAC "Showcase "by Industrial Technology Dept.

San Antonio, TX
9:00am - 3:00pm UTC-0600
In-person Event
Advanced Manufacturing, Industrial Technology an AMT SHOWCASE at Palo Alto College RG and Sabine Hall building for National Manufacturers week on October 3rd, 2023 a new and small event on Campus to showcase Advanced Manufacturing for Students and Industry workforce to come by the Advanced Manufacturing area Labs and Building to setup table, Demo, Lecture, collaborate, display or talk to students, visit the Labs, staff, faculty about AMT. Logistics and Welding included !
Organization Information
1400 West Villaret Boulevard, San Antonio, TX, USA
Industrial Technology Program Highlights Students The Industrial Technology program has two specialization options for the Associate of Applied Science: Instrumentation and Manufacturing. Students will receive enhanced training for specific skills needed in their industry of interest. Industrial Technology Program Level: Degrees Department: Career and Technical Institute: Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics...
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Dee Coffee
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Manufacturing Expo, Other (specify in description)
1400 West Villaret Boulevard
San Antonio, TX 78224